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Multimodal Shipping Services

COVID-19 Service Options

For all shipments during this unusual time, if the consignee or driver feels that it is safer to refrain from signing any shipping documents, the driver can print the name of the receiving person on the shipping document. Alternatively, some carriers are now using an electronic logging system to input the name of the receiving person or driver. In either case, these options will act as the official signature of receipt or pickup, as the case may be.

Similarly, if a shipment is damaged in any way or has a shortage of cargo, damage should be noted at the time of delivery, but it may not be on the bill of lading or delivery receipt. Using these alternative approaches absolves the liability of not having a driver, shipper, or receiver’s signature on shipping documents in accordance with previous practices and will be sufficient to confirm delivery for payment purposes.

Shippers, receivers, and carriers should document all pickup, delivery, and damage to the best of their ability in real-time. We encourage all parties to take pictures of the shipment to confirm pickup, delivery, and the condition of the product at every step.

This post amends American standard terms and conditions until further notice.

Managed Transportation Solutions

Let dedicated logistics professionals handle your complete transportation program with a solution designed to improve and simplify your logistics by leveraging the American Specialized team’s experience and capabilities.


Transportation should be simple—so should your career choice. Explore the Freight Life and how you can join the growing American Specialized team.

Carrier Services

Our carriers consider us a partner that’s easy to do business with. They rely on American Specialized to provide consistent freight and reduce empty miles.

Client Services

From coast to coast, by road, rail or sea, American Specialized connects businesses that need to ship their products with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. We’re your one-stop logistics shop.


Our proprietary technology delivers real-time connectivity across the supply chain, complete shipment visibility, and proactive exception recovery—helping you streamline tasks and reduce costs.

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