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We've partnered with TruckPark to help American Drive Preferred members save time and money when searching for parking.

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Managing Logistics is Complex. Choosing the Right Partner is Easy.

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Seamless Delivery

American Specialized provides tailored logistics solutions through relentless efforts, industry knowledge and advanced technologies to generate around-the-clock confidence between our dedicated team and yours.

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More Loads, More Lanes

Join the American Specialized dynamic carrier network today to get access to available freight and unmatched 24/7/365 support from our experienced carrier resource professionals.


Today’s logistics marketplace is an ever-changing landscape where you can make your mark. You can reach your true potential through the unlimited opportunities at American Specialized and be a key component to the success of an industry leader.

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Delivering With Precision

At American Specialized, we believe in a meticulous approach to logistics and delivery. Our principle is straightforward – your goods, no matter how large or small, should reach their destination promptly and securely. We understand the intrinsic value and time-sensitivity encapsulated in every parcel, which drives us to orchestrate seamless delivery solutions. Our operation is a symphony of cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted industry knowledge, and relentless effort, all harmonizing to create a reliable and efficient delivery mechanism. The precision we employ in our logistics process is not merely about meeting deadlines; it's about exceeding expectations, fostering trust, and building enduring partnerships with our clientele.

Our dedicated team is the linchpin of our precision delivery model. With a rich tapestry of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team meticulously plans, coordinates, and executes every logistics task. We value open communication and believe in keeping our clients informed at every step of the journey. By leveraging advanced technologies, we provide real-time tracking and ensure a transparent process, enabling you to plan ahead with confidence. The cornerstone of our service is the assurance that with American Specialized, your goods are not only in capable hands but are on the most efficient route to their destination. Our ambition is to redefine the logistics landscape, delivering not just parcels, but peace of mind with precision.

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