American Specialized


Dispatchers & Traffic Managers are burdened every day with the daunting task of keeping their trucks moving and making revenue for their bottom line.

By partnering with American Specialized we help keep your equipment active. We have several advantages that set us apart from other brokers such as:

  • Carrier Set up: We know your time is valuable and we make it easy to do business for our carriers. Once you have completed our carrier packet and provided your insurance and authority most carriers can be set up and approved in as little as fifteen minutes.
  • Superior Credit Rating: American Specialized has worked hard to maintain an excellent credit rating and we can give you several carrier references. You rest assured when you do business with AST Normal payment terms are 28 days from receipt of invoice unless you have elected a quick pay option.
  • Signed Load Confirmations: To protect both AST and our carriers, you will receive via fax or email a load confirmation sheet showing all the details and requirements of your shipment. All load confirmations must be signed and returned prior to truck dispatch.
  • Quick Pay: When we receive a clean BOL that we can bill from, we will pay with a company check (normal US mail) within 24 hours of receiving the bills for a 5% discount off the carriers total invoice.
  • Carrier Advances: Once a truck is loaded, the driver simply faxes a copy of the bill of lading confirming load pickup. AST will then contact the carrier for authorization. Advances are only issued during normal office hours. A fee of 5% of the amount advanced is assessed to all advances.

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